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It's just like you said, Sugawara-san!
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No sugardaddies. No sugar mamas. No sugarbabies. Full socialism in romantic relationships. There are only sugarcomrades.

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Oikawa laughing at all u earthlings and then taking off for space where he belongs

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Hua Mulan was a legendary figure in Chinese history. She lived from 581 to 618 AD during the Sui Dynasty, though other records place her between 386 and 534 AD, during the Northern Wei Dynasty. While the dates may be disputed, her story is unequivocal. Mulan’s father was a soldier and raised her like a boy. She not only learned weaving and embroidery from her mother, but also practiced martial arts, equitation, archery, and fencing with her father. In her spare time she liked to read her father’s manuals on military strategy. When war broke out and the emperor was calling for soldiers, Mulan disguised herself as a man and went in her father’s place. She served for twelve long years, in that time she witnessed traumatic horrors, lost dear friends, and received numerous honours. After the war ended, the emperor wanted to award her an official position, but she declined and asked for a good horse instead as she wished to return home to her family. No other woman in Chinese history has inspired more admiration than Mulan, who is considered an embodiment of loyalty and filial piety.

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"Hi there! I was wondering how you made your Wiccan cosplay? I'm very interested in getting one made for myself :)"

Whoops sorry dear you’ve got the wrong gal I was the one in the wig. I know hooper made a cosplay tutorial thing for her Wiccan tho, which you should be able to find under her tags on illiadandodyssey. I would link you but I’m on mobile, sorry.

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I’m coming home.  And I’m gonna save my friend’s life.  And then?  Then you and me are going to have words.  Hawkeye out.

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Sam Claflin photographed by Matthew Brooks for GQ Style [x]

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Everybody Wants To Rule The World

Lorde - Pure Heroine EP

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everybody wants to rule the world || lorde

there’s a room where the light won’t find you
holding hands while the walls come tumbling down
when they do i’ll be right behind you
so glad we’ve almost made it, so sad we had to fade it

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